The Neptune Evo Devo Symposium

The Neptune Evo Devo Symposium is organised by the Neptune Network students, a Marie Curie-funded European project with focus on evo-devo and neurobiology of marine animal models. During four years, the network has gathered students and PIs from nine laboratories across Europe, as well as external partners, in a variety of successful meetings and courses.

After this fruitful training period, it is now our pleasure to organize our final event.

This symposium will focus on two important aspects of animal evolution: evolution of the nervous system and evolution of body plans. In line with Neptune’s core interest, emphasis will be put on marine organisms, though not exclusively, and on recent technologies which are becoming increasingly suitable for use in non-model organisms enabling broader comparative studies.

This symposium aims to attract enthusiastic, international scientists, as well as to foster interactions between communities. It will be a friendly event, in which participants will be able to present their work (short talks or poster sessions) and to exchange with leading researchers.

For detailed information about the symposium please visit https://evodevoneptune.org/



Registration and abstract submission deadline: October 1st

Deadline for registration and abstract submission extended to October 20th

 Please submit your abstract within the online system, after registration.

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